HP pappírstætari OneShred 18CC

Afsláttarverð45.720 kr


In addition to the usual indicators, such as the overheat and overload indicators, the HP OneShred 18CC has a full or open bin indicator. This way you know exactly when to empty the pull-out waste bin with a capacity of 25 liters.
Of course, the effective office shredder in white design also has an automatic function that returns the fed material in the event of a paper jam. A paper jam can occur, for example, if you accidentally feed more than the specified 18 sheets at a time. Fortunately, paper clips, staples and credit cards do not cause any difficulties for the hard-working office shredder and do not have to be sorted out before shredding.
The HP OneShred 18CC operates relatively quietly with an operating noise of 65 dB. If the noise level is no longer as pleasantly quiet during operation or if shredding is no longer as fast as you are accustomed to then the shredding unit should be cleaned. To make sure you're prepared, the HP OneShred 18CC comes with a HP Shredder Oil Sheet

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