HP Pro pappírstætari 10MC

Afsláttarverð40.996 kr


The professional HP Pro Shredder 10MC is designed for 20 sheets. The shredder can be used for up to 20 minutes and then needs a cool down period. The pull-out collection container for the shredded material has a capacity of 20 liters, the filling level can be readily checked through the large viewing window.
In addition to the auto-reverse function, the HP Pro Shredder 10MC has an automatic start-stop function that ensures that the device stops as soon as no more material is fed in. Shredding credit cards, paper clips or staples is no trouble at all for the modern office shredder and there is no need for tedious removal. If you have fed more than 10 sheets at a time, the reliable shredder stops the process and feeds the paper back to avoid a paper jam.
Cutting capacity: 10 sheets DIN A4 (80 g / m²)Type of cut: Micro cut / Micro cut Particle size: 2 mm x 15 mm Cutting speed: 1.6 meters per minute Material to be cut: paper, credit cards, paper clips and staples Security level: P-5 / DIN 6

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