HP Pro pappírstætari 12MC

Afsláttarverð60.280 kr


The convenient HP Pro Shredder 12MC comes on castors, is intuitive to use and operates with an exceptionally quiet operating noise of only 55 decibels. The pull-out shred bin has a capacity of 25 liters, a viewing window and is easy to empty. This modern paper shredder automatically switches to sleep mode after 30 minutes and the power consumption drops to less than 0.5 watts.
In addition to an indicator for an open and full waste bin, the paper shredder naturally has an overheating and overload indicator and an automatic start-stop function. Thanks to the anti-paper jam technology, the powerful assistant stops the shredding process whenever you try to shred more than 12 sheets at a time and feeds the paper back. Fortunately, credit cards, paper clips or staples cause no problems for the shredder and do not have to be laboriously separated before shredding.
The HP Pro Shredder 12MCshould regularly be cleaned of dust and paper residues to optimize performance and satisfaction.

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