HP Pro pappírstætari 18CC

Afsláttarverð53.186 kr


With a filling capacity of 25 liters, the HP Pro Shredder 18CC has a comparatively large waste bin for the shredded material. An LED indicates when the waste bin needs to be emptied or the box has not been inserted properly. Have you forgotten to switch off the shredder? That's no major issue, because after 30 minutes the modern shredder automatically switches to sleep mode and has a power consumption of only 0.5 watts.
In addition to an overheat and overload indicator as well as an automatic start-stop function, the HP Pro Shredder 18CC is equipped with anti-paper jam technology.
This means that the machine will stop and feeds the material back if you accidentally tried to shred more than 18 sheets at a time. Of course, credit cards, paper clips and staples do not cause any difficulties for the shredder with its intuitive operation and will also easily be destroyed. To relieve your HP Pro Shredder 18CCof dust and paper debris, the cutting mechanism should be regularly maintained and cl

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