Baseus segul símahaldari til að festa í miðstöðvargrind

Afsláttarverð2.900 kr


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Take care of safety and comfort while traveling. The practical, magnetic Baseus car mount will help you with this, which you can easily mount on the vertical or horizontal ventilation grille of the car. The product guarantees a strong magnetic attraction, and thanks to the possibility of adjustment you can easily adjust its position to your needs.

The Baseus magnetic car mount makes it possible to operate your phone with one hand and keep yourself safe while traveling. The silicone clamp ensures a stable grip position even on bumpy roads, while the 360° adjustable design allows you to adjust the position of the phone. Another advantage is a special, magnetic cable hook, which facilitates storage and allows you to keep order.

Thanks to the carefully thought-out design, the holder does not scratch the car parts - the silicone clamp is completely safe for the surface, and the magnetic plate placed on the smartphone will provide even better attraction. Noteworthy is also the practical ball joint, which allows unlimited adjustment of the position of the handle. Importantly, the magnets used do not affect the quality of the signal.

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