Brother D210P merkivél

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Brother D210P merkivél

Frábær merkivél frá Brother með 617 innbyggð tákn, innbyggður límmiðaskeri og límborði fylgir með

 •   P-Touch merkivél frá Brother
 •   Hraði: 20mm/sek á allt að 2 línum
 •   LCD skjár og 180dpi prentupplausn
 •   Prentar á allt að 12mm borða
 •   Innbyggður límmiðaskeri
 •   Vandað Querty takkaborð úr sterku gúmmí

 •   Ótrúlegt úrval af límborðum í öllum litum

Prentar á allt að 12mm TZe rúllur (límborðar), hámarks prent hæð er 9mm, innbyggður hnífur, 180dpi, prentar allt að 20mm/sek og á allt að 2 línum, getur einnig prentað allt að 9 afrit, LCD skjár, 178 innbyggð tákn, 1x 12mm x 4m starter rúlla (hvítur borði með svörtum texta) fylgir.

Nánari lýsing frá framleiðanda: 

The compact labelling machine that's quick and simple to use. You can create decorative labels with various patterns using the built-in templates using the easy-to-read graphic display.  

Includes AC adapter, tape cassette and carry case.

Prints labels up to 12mm in width. Compact and lightweight. Easy-to-use functions. Many fonts, frames and symbols. Built-in label cutter.

Organise your workplace  through the clear identification of important items with a Brother P-touch label.

Graphic display

The 16 character graphic display lets you view and select from the hundreds of symbols, and view the various fonts and frames in more detail than ever before. Preview your label on-screen before printing to ensure it will look exactly as you expect.

High-speed printing

Save time with the fast 20mm/second print speed.

Wide-range of durable, easy peel labels

Brother TZe laminated tape cassettes are available in a wide range of colours and widths to give you even more labelling options. Each label incorporates a split-back, that makes the backing easy to remove. These laminated tapes are incredibly durable, and are designed to withstand extremes in temperature, sunlight, moisture, abrasion and chemicals.

Start labelling immediately

Everything you need is supplied - an AC adapter is included to save on the cost of batteries, and the black on white tape cassette means you can start labelling immediately. All are all housed in a durable carry case.

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