Forever segul símahaldari með sogskál til að festa í framrúðu

Afsláttarverð4.600 kr


Nánari lýsing frá framleiðanda:

The MH-270 magnetic holder from Forever is a unique product. It is a simple and versatile installation in any car combined with high quality of workmanship. A long headband with a suction cup and a movable base head are perfect functionality.

The headband with a large suction cup is adapted for mounting on a car windshield. The magnet arm is movable and the magnetic base can be locked securely to keep the base in the same position.

The smartphone will be safe all the way. Strong magnets hold even devices with larger screen diagonals. The set includes two magnetic stickers. You just need to stick them on the device or overlay for the holder to work.

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