HP Blekhylki 51604A gengur fyrir Canon CJ-3A

Afsláttarverð3.950 kr


Nánari lýsing frá framleiðanda:

  • Barcode: 88698004388
  • Compatible Brand: HP
  • Compatible Printer(s): ThinkJet/ThinkJetPlus/QuietJet/QuietJetPlus
  • Depth: 7
  • Depth (cm): 7
  • Description: HP Thinkjet and HP Quietjet Inkjet Print Cartridge.
  • Form Factor: Ink Cartridge
  • Height: 3.8
  • Height (cm): 15
  • Ink Colour(s): Black
  • Ink Volume (ml): 3
  • New/Remanufactured: New
  • Original/Compatible: Original Manufacturer
  • PartNo: 51604A
  • PDF's: [object Object]
  • Product Code (OR): 23386
  • Product Family: ThinkJet / QuietJet
  • Product Type: Ink Cartridge
  • Single or Multi Colour Cartridge: Single
  • Spicers Number: 421
  • Thumbnail: https://cdn.pimber.ly/public/asset/export/5c59ada1cea10b002eb87a89/b01da4f7/5f74d5f37952c500115df140/06262ec6/59-51604A_0.jpeg
  • Warranty: HP warrants that HP products are free from defects in workmanship or material under normal use in accordance with specifications until the date marked on the product. Warranty ds not cover empty products or products that have been modified in any way. For complete warranty details contact your dealer or see www.hp.com/support/inkjet-warranty. You may also have statutory legal rights against the seller in addition to this manufacturer's warranty which are not restricted by this manufacturer's warranty.
  • Weight: 0.01
  • Weight (kg): 0.065
  • Width: 11.4
  • Width (cm): 11.4
  • Yield: 550

  • HP original inkjet cartridge (for approx. 750000 characters)
  • 3ml
  • Hylkið passar fyrir eftirfarandi prentara: ThinkJet/ThinkJetPlus/QuietJet/QuietJetPlus

    Hylkið passar í eftirfarandi prentara: ThinkJet/ThinkJetPlus/QuietJet/QuietJetPlus

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