OKI 44059105 gult dufthylki 8K

Afsláttarverð51.670 kr


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  • Compatible Printer(s): OKI C810 • OKI C810CDTN • OKI C810DN • OKI C810N • OKI C830 • OKI C830CDTN • OKI C830DN • OKI C830N
  • Exertis Supplies Number: OK44059105
  • Form Factor: Toner Cartridge
  • Internal Notes: VOW Import In Query 1 10 2020 Jane
  • PartNo: 44059105
  • Product Code (OR): 3286641
  • Product Type: Toner Cartridge
  • Thumbnail: https://cdn.pimber.ly/public/asset/export/5c59ada1cea10b002eb87a89/5a791663/60704a293863da0018f18523/db46b21b/188-44059105_0.jpeg
  • Toner Colour(s): Yellow
  • UFP Product Code: OKI44059105
  • Warranty: 3 Years
  • Yield: 8000

  • Original OKI Toner Cartridge
  • You always know exactly whats in the box with OKI Original Consumables, so that you can enjoy consistent colour and print quality
  • Unlike counterfeit or third-party products, OKI's products are designed for purpose, tested and issued with a warranty that ensures the long life of your OKI hardware
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